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 The product line comprises a wide range of hinged shanks,
Tiffany style mountings and wedding rings available in
14K gold and platinum



4mm *

5mm *

6mm *

4 x 2 mm

5 x 3mm

6 x 4 mm *

7½ x 5 mm *
& 7 ½ x 4 mm *

7½ x 6 mm *
and Full Tops

* Not available in platinum

Hinges at
¾ position

Hinges at
½ position

High Top
¾ hinge position

High Top
½ hinge position

Pinched High Top

Single Air-line

Double Air-line

Triple Air-line

Finger Mate shanks are available in
sizes 3 to 13 by quarter-sizes.
The shanks are available in widths from 2 to 7 1/2mm,
in a variety of styles to accommodate almost any ring.


Tiffany style mountings are available with any size and style
head with the Finger Mate shank already installed
(and are less expensive than applying a shank to an existing mounting).

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