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The best way to get started as an authorized
 Finger Mate dealer is with our
Demonstration Sample or Mint Set.

The following two kits are available to help you demonstrate and sell Finger Mate hinged ring shanks.  With either kit, we'll include a Lucite counter display (indicating you are an authorized Finger Mate Dealer), sizing gauge, and price lists.  Complete information about how we can install Finger Mate shanks for you or how you can install them yourself, in your own shop, is also included. 



The Finger Mate Demonstration Sample is a brass ring with a regular 14K gold catch and spring mechanism. It was designed to show your customers how easily and securely the Finger Mate works; just pull the top to open, push the bottoms together to close. No buttons to find and push, and no dangling flaps! When closed, the mechanism is concealed inside the bottom sections.

The Demonstration Sample Kit is just $25.  And, to be sure that you're always completely satisfied with our product, we will refund the $25 charge for the demonstration sample ring, upon its return, at any time in the future.  You risk nothing by becoming a Finger Mate dealer.



Allows your customer to actually try a ring on in her size!

This is a set of 20 specially designed rings, each with a Finger Mate shank graduated by half-sizes from 3 to 12 1/2. It was created for Finger Mate Dealers to show their customers how their own rings would look and feel if they had Finger Mate shanks.

While the Finger Mate sizing gauge is an accurate instrument,  the Finger Mate Mint sample  in the customer's own size is not only a more accurate means of measuring, it is a most impressive sales tool as well.

The customer can see how easily the opened ring goes over the knuckle, then closes and locks for a perfect and comfortable fit. The customer doesn't have to imagine how her ring would fit and feel with a Finger Mate shank, she can try on her exact size and know precisely.

The set is made of very fine jeweler's brass, then heavily nickel plated. The spring and catch mechanism however, and all the other internal parts are made of 14K gold, just as is used in regular Finger Mate shanks. No base metal is ever used in any Finger Mate shank.

The Mint Set is available for $300.


We'll be happy to send either the
Demonstration Sample Kit or the Mint Set

on memo to #1 rated jewelers and we won't bill you
unless you are satisfied that
Finger Mate is everything we claim it to be.

If it doesn't fill a need in your business, just return the package
with no obligation.

 For more information or to order please call
Finger Mate toll free at 888-458-2700.


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