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Links to available artwork, etc.
provided on the left of this page.

Finger Mate will contribute to the cost of advertising featuring Finger Mate products advertised by you during each semi-annual period subject to the following conditions:

After receipt of the proof specified below, Finger Mate will pay by merchandise credit, half the cost of the advertising featuring Finger Mate, provided that Finger Mate’s total share of the advertising cost shall not exceed 5% of your net purchases during the preceding semi-annual period.

If a newspaper ad is an omnibus-type ad wherein the illustration of the Finger Mate product is an integral part of the ad including several non-competitive items, Finger Mate will determine the proportion dedicated to Finger Mate and credit accordingly.

QUALIFICATIONS OF AD: The advertising must be in a newspaper listed in the Audit Bureau of Circulation Newspaper listing or an accredited newspaper approved by Finger Mate.

You must submit a full page tear sheet of the advertising and an invoice from the newspaper. The proof of performance and invoice MUST BE RECEIVED BY FINGER MATE NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS AFTER THE END OF THE PERIOD DURING WHICH THE AD OR ADS APPEARED. Claims received after this date will NOT be honored.

Finger Mate reserves the full right to determine whether the above conditions have been met. A variety of ads are available at no charge (
Links to available artwork, etc. provided on the left of this page), and new ads are regularly available.

Radio scripts, with time to add your own store information, are also available.

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